What happens when I book a voice on the website?

It’s an easy 3 step process;

  1. CHOOSE a voice
  2. BOOK it via our website
  3. DELIVER We’ll contact you to confirm and discuss the specifics and ensure the script is recorded and delivered to you within your specified timeframe.

Can I direct the talent over the phone or Skype?

Voices Today is about giving you access to some of the best Voice People on the Planet. Our focus is in the speed of delivery. If you would prefer to direct talent, best you book them through their respective agents and get them to come in to your recording facility.

If I need to pronounce a certain word, can I record it to my smartphone and upload the audio as a demonstration to the talent?

We love how you are thinking. Of course you can! Technology is an easy way to ensure the correct script is recorded first time.

Can I upload multiple scripts?

Yep! The more the merrier.

I have tags and updates to the basic 30sec script, are these included?

Absolutely! We all understand the need to include a ‘tomorrow night’, ‘on tonight’,’ this afternoon from 3’ tag pickup or update. At Voices Today,  THERE IS NO SURCHARGE. We trust you to be considerate as to the length of the pickup, ie: one word/line or phrase is ideal.

If I cannot decide on which voice will suit my script, can you help me?

Phil Baildon and Daryl Missen are old school Pro’s, they believe CUSTOMER SERVICE is best done human-to-Human. They love talking to you and most of all they aim to make it right the first time. The answer is ... YES!

Can I have my promo and sweepers recorded?

You betchya! Same rate applies. 1 promo per fee. As many sweepers as you can fit on an A4 page at 16 point Font.

How does your 2 for 1 demo deal work?

We understand that your sales teams are pitching their butts off to win business. Gone are the days of submitting a script to the client to win their business. In the modern radio world so much creative never sees the light of day, and so our 2 for the price of 1 deal is designed to help your sales teams cast premium talent on spec and demo commercials to help ensure you win the business with the best sounding and targeted commercial campaigns. Obviously once you've won the client over, we'll be ready to record the 'final' on air spots also! :-)

What quality do I receive the audio files?

CRA set the standard in 2011 at 48k 16 bit wav file. That's how we roll. if you'd like it any other way, let us know when you make a booking.

Can I record for TV, On Hold messages, and online content?

Sure can, no problem. The rates on our site are for Radio. We'll call to discuss reasonable options for other mediums.